Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Schedule of Hidden Passion by Summerita Rhayne

Rubina RameshSpotlight4th March
Niharika .GSpotlight5th March
Ruchira KhannaSpotlight6th March
Arti MetroreaderSpotlight7th March
Ahana MukherjeeReview 10th March
Privy Trifles Review 11th March
Inderpreet Kaur UppalReview 12th March
Rubina Ramesh Review 13th March

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Schedule of Breach by Amrita Chowdhury

NameType of Post Schedule Date
Devika Fernando Spotlight 26th Feb
ArtiReview26th Feb
Reet Singh Review26th Feb
Ruchi SinghReview27th Feb
Adiana RayReview27th Feb
Rohan KachaliaReview27th Feb
Nicole UlerySpotlight28th Feb
RC BeanReview28th Feb
RuchiraReview28th Feb
Inderpreet Kaur Uppal Review1st March
Summerita RhayneReview1st March
Usha NarayananReview1st March
Shalini RReview2nd March
Simran KaurReview2nd March
Swathi ShenoyReview2nd March
DolaReview3rd March
Rubina Review3rd March
PoojaReview3rd March
Nikita JhanglaniReview4th March
Debraj MoulickReview4th March
AshwiniReview4th March
Geeta NairReview4th March
BhavyaReview5th March
Deep DownerReview5th March
Sundari VenkatramanReview5th March
ahana mukherjeeReview6th March
janaki nagarajReview6th March
Sujata PatnaikSpotlight 6th March
Maria Perry MohanSpotlight 7th March
Adite Banerjie Review 7th March
Parichita Singh Review7th March
Ina Guest Post 8th March
Gayathri ManikandanReview8th March
Ayelita RayReview8th March
Ruchi VasudevaInterview9th March
Aditi ChopraGuest Post 9th March

Friday, February 20, 2015

Schedule of And We Remained by Asad Ali Junaid

NameType of Post Schedule Date
RuchiraReviewMarch 11th
Bhavya ReviewMarch 11th
Richa BadolaReviewMarch 11th
Simran KaurReviewMarch 12th
Maria Perry MohanSpotlightMarch 12th
Nikita JhanglaniReviewMarch 12th
Inderpreet Kaur Uppal SpotlightMarch 13th
Sundari VenkatramanSpotlightMarch 13th
Swathi ShenoyReviewMarch 14th
Deep DownerReviewMarch 14th
Sonia RaoReviewMarch 15th
Sujata PatnaikSpotlightMarch 15th
Rubina Ramesh ReviewMarch 16th
Ina TalesInterviewMarch 16th
Inderpreet Kaur Uppal SpotlightMarch 17th
Deep DownerReviewMarch 17th

Monday, February 9, 2015

Schedule of Matches Made In Heaven by Sundari Venkatraman

NameType of Post Scheduled Date
Rubina Ramesh Review7th February
Swathi ShenoyReview7th February
Deep DownerReview7th February
Rohan KachaliaReview7th February
Shilpa GargReview7th February
Ruchira KhannaReview8th Februay
Arpita SharmaReview8th Februay
Inderpreet Kaur Uppal Spotlight9th February
Nikita JhanglaniReview9th February
Reet Singh Review9th February
Ahana MukherjeeSpotlight10th February
Devika FernandoReview10th February
Ruchi SinghReview10th February
Pooja AbhayReview10th February
Arti Review10th February
Niharika .GReview10th February
Nilima MohiteReview11th February
Nicole UlerySpotlight11th February
Sundari VenkatramanSpotlight11th February
Inderpreet Kaur Uppal Guest Post11th February
Vasudha Spotlight12th February
Privy TriflesReview12th February
Ahana MukherjeeReview12th February
Bhavya NandakumarReview12th February
Debraj MoulickReview12th February
Inderpreet Kaur UppalReview13th February
Adiana RayReview13th February
Vishal BheerooReview13th February
Usha NarayananReview13th February
Priyanka Batra HarjaiReview13th February

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Schedule of Wrong for the Right Reasons by Ritu Lalit

NameType of Post Scheduled Date
Inderpreet Kaur Uppal Spotlight 5th Feb
Rubina Ramesh Spotlight5th Feb
Devika FernandoSpotlight5th Feb
Maria Perry MohanSpotlight6th Feb
Reet SinghSpotlight6th Feb
Sundari VenkatramanSpotlight6th Feb
Rubina Ramesh Review 6th Feb
Ruchira KhannaReview 7th Feb
Ahana MukherjeeReview7th Feb
Arti Review7th Feb
AshwiniReview7th Feb
Ayelita RayReview7th Feb
Bhavya NKReview8th Feb
Dola Basu SinghReview8th Feb
Inderpreet Kaur Uppal Review8th Feb
Janaki NagarajReview8th Feb
Nikita JhanglaniReview9th Feb
Pooja AbhayReview9th Feb
Shalini R.Review9th Feb
Shilpa GargReview9th Feb
Sundari VenkatramanReview10th Feb
Swathi ShenoyReview10th Feb
Usha NarayananReview10th Feb
Vasudha RaoReview10th Feb
Yamini VijendranReview11th Feb
Aditi ChopraInterview11th Feb
Janaki NagarajGuest Post11th Feb
Ina TalesGuest Post11th Feb
Ruchi VasudevaGuest Post11th Feb

Monday, January 19, 2015

Schedule of Canvas of Dreams by Jaya Siva Murty

NameType of Post Schedule
Rubina Ramesh Spotlight 20th January
Sujata PatnaikSpotlight21st January
Ahana MukherjeeSpotlight21st January
Richa BadolaReview21st January
Swathi ShenoyReview22nd January
Devika FernandoSpotlight22nd January
RuchiraReview22nd January
ShaliniReview23rd January
Inderpreet Kaur Uppal Review23rd January
Sundari VenkatramanGuest Post24th January
ArpitaReview24th January
Adiana RayReview25th January
Nikita JhanglaniReview25th January
Nicole UlerySpotlight26th January
Shail RaghuvanshiReview26th January
Summerita RhayneGuest Post26th January
ArtiReview27th January
Aditi ChopraGuest Post27th January
Rubina Ramesh Review27th January

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Schedule of Ri- Homeland of Uncertainity by Paulami Duttagupta

NameType of Post Scheduled dates
Rubina Ramesh Spotlight 10th January
Ruchira Khanna Spotlight 10th January
Arti Metroreader Spotlight 10th January
Ina Tales Guest Post 11th January
Aparajita Dutta Review, Interview11th January
Mahesh SowaniReview11th January
Devika FernandoSpotlight 12th January
Parichita SinghReview12th January
Mahesh SowaniReview13th January
Sundari VenkatramanSpotlight 13th January
Aditi ChopraGuest Post 14th January
Vasudha Rao Review14th January
Inderpreet Kaur UppalSpotlight 15th January
Janaki NagarajReview, Guest Post 15th January
Pooja AbhaySpotlight 16th January
Richa BadolaReview16th January
Ahana Mukherjee Review17th January
Rubina Ramesh Review17th January